Liberation in Boczow Poland, with 27,000 pigeons

Like every weekend, it will be exciting. This time we were even on three liberations in Boczow, Poland. There were the regional associations 255 Minden Schaumburg, 252 Hannover Hildesheim and as a latecomer the 350 Magdeburg. In total, there were around 27,500 pigeons liberated. Sensational! With this stunning mass of pigeons, I have brought strong […]

Liberation in FĂĽrstenwalde 8000-9000 pigeons

On Monday I looked on the official page from the Germany Association, where near by are places for liberations and I’ve found a good liberation which will take place the 16.05.2015, in FĂĽrstenwalde on Saturday. So I phoned with Hermann Steffenhagen, the chairman of the club Hannover-Hildesheim / Sieben Berge, to ask if there is […]



Bus trip to De Duif ceremony in Belgium 2015

Every year Atze Köppen organize a pigeon bus trip to the De Duif ceremony and many more exciting things that pigeon fanciers can do in 2 days. Last year I was there for the first time on the trip, it has pleased me so well, so I was there again this year. On 20.02.2015 by […]

Fugare Fair 2015

On Saturday, 14/02/2015 I was on the pigeon fair Fugare in Belgium with Peter Kocks, Dirk and Danny. That I will visit the Fugare fair, I spontaneously decided last Thursday when I had a phone conversation with Peter Kocks and he invited me to his spontaneous Fugare trip. Peter Kocks I met when I was […]



German Pigeon Show DBA 2015

This weekend I was at the German Pigeon Show, in short the DBA 2015. I visited with my friend and pigeon fancier Achim Jankowski the DBA Show. When we arrived in Dortmund we found out that the weather was “sh..”, but luckily that the show is in a hall, the Westfallenhalle. After we parked for […]

30 Superstar Pigeons 2015, Germany

Every visitor who has bought a ticket for the DBA German Pigeon Show 2015, was able to vote for his personal superstar pigeon of the 30 Superstars pigeons. I made a video of the 30 superstar pigeons, because all have achieved a great performance. In the following all the first positions of the 30 Superstar […]



International Pigeon Market Kassel 2014

  This was my third time to the Kassel Exhibition and Pigeon Show – I had been looking forward to being there for months   When I arrived at the show on Friday afternoon everything had already been set up and I had time to talk with the exhibitors about the pigeons news and new projects prior […]

Back in Germany

4 months ago I came back to Germany after three years of residence in Spain. It was after three years of course a big change. I had a lot to do for my life to start over again in Germany. Because of this, I had no time unfortunately for my BobDaPaloma project. Now slowly all regulates […]


Werner A. Waldow

Werner A. Waldow Loft

Twice now I have been to see Werner and his lofts of racing pigeons – he has three of them – the youngster loft, the racing season loft and the stock loft and it is this one I like best of all – his pigeons seem to feel very comfortable here and it houses some […]