Kassel International Pigeon Market 2013

Kassel 2013 in Germany you can not compare to the previous year. It was much fuller and more lively than 2012. There were breeders from all over the world, mainly European and German visitors but also of Africa, China and so on.

Of course Saturday was busier than Sunday. Unfortunately, some exhibitors already building off their stand on Sunday around 12 clock, which the visitors know and visit the exhibition on Saturday. On Saturday you could hardly find your way through the halls and paths because everywhere it was about pigeons. Visitors exchanged views with the exhibitors, but also the visitors and exhibitors exchanged among themselves.

At our Derby Cordoba stand this year was much more going on than last year, there also were more visitors at the show, but we have learned to do a bigger stand with a big Derby Cordoba poster and a large flat screen where we demonstrated some videos of our race 2013. Peter Haas, Werner Loos and Sergio Ferreira have helped out well, without them we could not have informed very well all visitors on our Derby Cordoba stand.

My pigeon calendar a lot of visitors liked it and i sold almost all. A buyer came in and said that there used to be a lot more pigeon calendars in the last years and he has unsuccessfully sought a pigeon calendar at the show for a while until he has found my.That made ​​me happy.

The Röhnfried stand was an attraction in itself , it was the center of the hall 1. On the Röhnfried stand there was coffee and drinks and you could brush up there as a visitor and learn about the latest products from Röhnfried. Many exhibitors in the morning used also the Röhnfried stand in the monrning for a wake up coffee, before the visitors enter the show.

Even with Alfred Berger ( CEO of Röhnfried ) I have spoke and it made ​​me very happy that he knows, like and followed my BobDaPaloma videos.

Irma Kreutzfeldt (organizer of the exhibition) has always helped with problems and gave her best, a very nice helpful woman.

With many other breeders I ‘ve talked as Huub Hermans, Werner Waldow and many more.

The weekend in Kassel hold in photos , videos or words is very difficult, you must have experience it live. I recommend every breeder whether German or not German speaking to spend a weekend there when the pigeons market is on. It pays off to learn and get know so many different fanciers and also learn much new things.

Every night we went eating and drinking with various fanciers. But I want to share 1 night with you, the friday night. There were also fanciers of the Canary Islands and have reserved a table for us at a restaurant. So we went over there and as coincidence the half restaurant was full of fanciers. While smoking outside the restaurant, we talked and teased who has the better pigeons and race results.

I can not wait to be there for Kassel Pigeon Market again in 2014, it has already come up with a few special things, because next year is the 25 year anniversary of the pigeons market. I let surprise me and I look forward to it.

On Saturday you could hardly leave your stand, all the photos and videos I recorded on Sunday.

Here it goes to my photo gallery of Kassel 2013.

3 videos I made from the International Pigeon Market in Kassel Germany 2013, a short version, a photo-slideshow and a pigeon version.

Here is the first short video of Kassel 2013.

Here the Photo-Slideshow:

Here the pigeon version of Kassel 2013:

International Pigeon Market Kassel, Germany 2013

International Pigeon Market Kassel, Germany 2013

International Pigeon Market Kassel, Germany 2013

International Pigeon Market Kassel, Germany 2013

International Pigeon Market Kassel, Germany 2013

International Pigeon Market Kassel, Germany 2013

International Pigeon Market Kassel, Germany 2013

International Pigeon Market Kassel, Germany 2013

More photos from Kassel 2013 in my gallery.

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